Value-Added Tools & Resources for Specialty Practices

Achieve better patient care and financial results with our suite of clinical and business services for community specialty practices.

Reimbursement and patient support services for specialty practices

Reimbursement access and safety services

As a practice, you need safe, rapid drug access for your patients. Our team of reimbursement experts provide personalized guidance and reimbursement support services. They research, analyze, and verify drug coverage through medical and prescription benefits and focus on expediting access to the prescribed drugs your patients need.

Risk evaluation and mitigation strategies

We manage some of the industry's most complex and rigorous Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) programs mandated by the FDA. Our experienced team of clinical and operational experts work with practices throughout the REMS development process and across a spectrum of therapeutic areas, including:

  • Oncology
  • Rheumatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Neurology

We provide practices with a unique, end-to-end REMS solution that meets FDA safety requirements while ensuring appropriate access to drugs and biologics.

Patient assistance programs

We work with manufacturers and community organizations to help qualified patients get financial assistance for the quality care they need.

Our Patient Assistance Support (PAS) team collaborates with financial counselors to explore the best funding options for your patients’ diagnosis and treatment. PAS customizes and connects your patients to a range of support tailored to their situations.

We understand how quickly out-of-pocket expenses can add up and the PAS team can help your patients navigate the financial aspects of their care plans.

Clinical tools & resources for specialty practices

We offer a suite of clinical tools to empower community specialty practices in today’s quality-driven healthcare environment. We provide the support these practices need at every level of patient care, including:

  • Treatment decisions
  • Regimen selection
  • Patient management
  • Therapy administration
  • Financial analysis

Our clinical tools were developed by a team of specialists experienced in clinical decision-making and in the operational and business complexities of community specialty practices. These clinical tools provide valuable insight and resources to help practices advance the science and delivery of patient care, and ensure adherence to guidelines and standards.

Our clinical tools and resources include:

  • Margin Analyzer: Access a detailed view of your current drug purchasing and reimbursement trends, and benefit from an important resource for successful financial management within your practice. Margin Analyzer provides insight into specific cost, reimbursement and utilization by drug code, as well as trending by quarter to aid in budget forecasting. These capabilities facilitate a better understanding of the economic impact of clinical decisions being made in your practice.
  • Regimen Profiler: Understand financial and clinical information for many common disease-focused treatment regimens with this web-based tool for community specialty practices and their patients.
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