Pharmaceutical Ordering and Packaging for Clinics and Labs

McKesson's customizable drug packaging and distribution services will securely and efficiently deliver to your clinic or lab the medications and pharmaceutical agents it needs to provide optimum patient care and accurate and timely test results.

Our state-of-the-art drug distribution centers store and overnight ship the specialized pharmaceutical products your clinic needs to provide safe and effective care to your patients. The centers also store and overnight ship the routine and sophisticated pharmaceutical agents your lab requires to conduct diagnostic tests and provide accurate results to your providers. Our industry-leading logistics and extensive cold-chain capabilities, include refrigerated and frozen solutions. And our online ordering and tracking platform ensures the accurate and timely procurement of your drugs and agents, which are delivered to you in the optimum packaging required by your clinic or lab.

Patients depend on your clinic to provide the medications they need to heal. Clinicians depend on your lab to provide the fast and reliable medical test results they need to accurately diagnose and treat patients. Your clinic or lab can depend on McKesson to deliver the pharmaceutical packaging and distribution services you need to succeed.