Medication Adherence and Clinical Performance for Hospital and Health System Pharmacies

Hospitals and health systems continually are looking to improve the quality and safety of patient care, and your pharmacy is one of the most valuable resources in that effort. Our comprehensive suite of technologies and services is designed to increase patients' medication adherence and your clinical performance.
Our HIPAA-compliant pharmacy management systems give you actionable information on patients' medication histories, adherence behaviors and clinical outcomes to ensure that they're taking the right medications the right way in the right settings with the right results, helping your facility avoid medication errors and unnecessary readmissions. We support the data with a complete roster of medication adherence and clinical performance services and programs such as antibiotic stewardship, CPOE, e-prescribing, medication reconciliation and medication synchronization. Our safety messaging and co-pay assistance programs help reduce the cost barrier for patients and deliver efficient and reliable information to increase medication adherence.
By investing in our tools and expertise, you'll be working with the industry's leading provider of medication adherence and clinical performance solutions that drive better quality, safety and financial results.